Tips For Showing Your Sherman Oaks Home

Seller’s TipsĀ  Sherman Oaks Home Values

The best tips for Showing your Sherman Oaks Home can be found by looking at your home as though you are the buyer and change the things that might bother a buyer! Know up front that your daily routine is going to change once that for sale sign is stuck in the front lawn. Everyone needs to understand how important it is to help keep the house clean and inviting to potential buyers. Ask the kids to keep their rooms neat, no clothes on the floor or unmade beds. No dishes left in the kitchen sink and keep the counters uncluttered. These no-brainers and although very important there are other things that will help your house show its best. Here are some Seller’s Tips – Sherman Oaks Home Values

1. Audio

Seller's Tips Sherman Oaks Home ValuesWe become deaf to certain sounds. If you live near a freeway or playground, you know how the sound just seems to disappear after a while. Well the noise is still there you just stopped hearing it. Potential buyers have a very good sense of hearing. They notice the barking dog two blocks away, the freeway and you just know that even though you are not near the airport a plane will fly overhead just as the buyer walks in the door. There are a few things you can do to minimize the sounds.

Soft music playing in the background while your house is being shown. A white noise machine. A water feature in the backyard. If you don’t already have them then replacing old windows with dual paned glass is a great.

2. Olfactory

Seller Tip Keep your house smelling goodWhat is worse than walking into a house and being hit by strong, lingering smells. You might not notice them but the odor of cooking fried or spicy food,tobacco, diaper pails andanimals might be attached to your walls. Ask your Realtor for her honest opinion on how your house smells. Most odors can be easily handled. Sometimes a coat of paint can solve the problem. Some other ways to combat stale odors are

Clean and deodorized the carpets.
Clean all window coverings.
Maybe have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned.
Give the range hood a good cleaning.
Keep the dog bathed and groomed and wash or remove doggy beds.
Invest in a Nebulizer or Diffuser. I find these are more efficient and safer than burning candles & they work better.

3. Visual

Light and bright. Need I say more?.

Studio City Sellers Tips - Brighten it up Make sure the lights are on BEFORE the potential buyer arrives and it doesn’t hurt to up the wattage of the light bulbs.Paint, or if painting is out of the questions then clean the walls.
If you have heavy drapes, replace them with a fabric that lets natural light into the home.At the very least keep them open. Take a walk around the exterior of your home and make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

4. Staging

Sherman Oaks Sellers Tips - StagingThere is an art to crafting interiors that appeal to home buyers. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a professional designer, make some simple changes that appeal to buyers. Set the dining room table with your best dinnerware, create a cozy reading area in the bedroom with a small table and chairs. Adding fresh flowers do a couple of things; they add bursts of color and can even help in covering lingering odors. Place a colorful bouquet on the dining room table and night stands. Don’t forget the bathroom. Get rid of any clutter counter top and add a new shower curtain and some fluffy towels.

5. Security

Don’t leave important or valuable items out in plain sight. Lock up jewelry, money. prescription drugs and any weapons. Personal items such as passports, financial paperwork should be put away. Ask your Realtor to walk through your home with you and give you tips on how to prepare your home for the market.

Hope these Seller’s Tips Sherman Oaks Home Values have been helpful